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Holy Sheets Philosophy

On average you will spend almost 3000 hours sleeping every year. Your body is like a temple and when it sleeps it needs comfortable surroundings and a gentle touch to deliver you a peaceful night sleep. Your body deserves a comfortable pillow to cradle your head and soft luxurious sheets to envelop your skin and warm your soul.

At Holy Sheets we have a genuine desire to source our fabrics, manufacture and distribute our products in the most sustainable way possible, to protect our environment and weave ethical business practises into our company.

One of the ways Holy Sheets is incorporating sustainablilty into its products is with our Memory Foam Pillow range. We only use shredded memory foam, which is not only a more superior filling than solid foam to sleep on, but we take the left over foam from larger companies that would normally be thrown away to waste. We buy it, shred it and fill the pillows to create the most comfortable eco-friendly memory foam pillows on the market.

Holy Sheets is also incorporating Bamboo fibres into its bedding collection. Bamboo is an amazingly eco-friendly product. Bamboo produces 35 % more oxygen than trees, and produces no CO2 and it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere. When bamboo is cut down it grows extremley fast again - some Bamboo plants can grow up to 4ft per day! Bamboo fibers are also extrodinarliy soft when they are turned into fabrics. The bamboo fibers are also anti-bacterial, giving you a healthy night sleep.

Be sure to check out our online and retail stores for the new bamboo covered memory foam pillows available now!

When I am lucky enough to travel, one of my favourite simple luxuries is sleeping on beautiful soft sheets at 5 Star hotels. I could never afford the high thread count sheets, they were always too exspensive; so I had a vision to simply start a brand that offered quality, luxury sheets and bedding that didn't cost a small fortune. Luxury made affordable is our philosophy at Holy Sheets. Sweet Dreams and have a wonderful night sleep!

Eric Yugar

Founder and Owner of Holy Sheets

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