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OUR PHILOSOPHY:  On average, you will spend almost 3,000 hours sleeping every year. Your body is like a temple, requiring comfortable surroundings and a soothing feeling to deliver you a peaceful night’s sleep. You deserve a comfortable pillow to cradle your head, and soft luxurious sheets to envelop your skin and warm your soul.

At HolySheets USA, we have a genuine desire to source our fabrics, manufacture, and distribute our products in the most sustainable way possible, to protect our environment and weave ethical business practices into our company.

For example, our Bamboo-covered Memory Foam HolySleeps are made from shredded memory foam, using leftover foam from larger companies that would normally be thrown away to waste.  Shredding the foam creates a filling that is cooler and better conforming than solid foam to sleep on, making  the most comfortable, Eco-friendly Memory Foam HolySleeps on the market.


Eric Yugar, CEO and Founder of HolySheets, has always loved the luxury of sleeping on beautiful soft sheets at 5-Star hotels when traveling, but found that high thread count sheets were more expensive than most people could afford. He had a vision to start a brand that offered quality and luxury in sheets and bedding that didn’t cost a small fortune. “Luxury Bedding at Affordable Prices,” is our philosophy at HolySheets USA.  Sweet Dreams and have a wonderful night’s sleep!

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