It all started 2008 during the Great Recession. Las Vegas experienced among the worst of it. I had been smothered in defeat from a previous business that I lost. After a period of torment, self doubt and working jobs just to make ends meet I realized I need to pull myself up.

Knowing I had the genetic profile of an entrepreneur I decided to take the risk and start a business. Although totally broke, in debt, behind on my mortgage, I had never lost complete faith in my entrepreneurial abilities. I always knew that if I was ever gonna get back in the game I needed to create and market a product that was a complete necessity.


With my experience in selling, marketing and advertising I knew first and foremost that the transfer of emotion is the porthole of success of a sale. Getting people a better nights sleep was gonna be the emotional factor… everyone’s always in the market for a better nights sleep. If I could create a way to do it and market it at a price, people woulnd’t lose sleep over I could create my own niche in a multibillion dollar industry. Finally! HOLYSHEETS!

The name. The concept. The idea. The passion. Everything spilled over to me with the feeling of winning the biggest jackpot in history! I sprung out of bed knowing I had the winning ticket and got to work, one Holysheet at a time! It started door to door. Then festival to festival. The business to business.

Then finally the first HolySheets store opened. It had no running water, no electricity, no bathroom. But it was my store and I was open for business! I knew I was back in business and in charge of creating my own financial destiny and nothing was gonna stop me! I now want to share this opportunity and help others create their own financial destiny and work to build Holysheets up together to become one of the biggest franchises in the world!

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